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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 What is the time schedule for the online distance learning program? 
There is no compulsory fixed time. IICSE University web-portal is open to all registered
students. You can log into your student portal at your convenient time - anytime, to
access lecture materials for your studies.

What is the full meaning of the acronym IICSE?
IICSE is NOT an abbreviation of words. IICSE is an entity and a famous educational
brand name. We are fully and officially registered as “IICSE University, Inc.”.  Again,
IICSE is a one-word brand name. It’s not an abbreviation of words. .

How would I get to know my results and GPA for each semester?
All our students' results and GPAs are graded immediately after the exams submission.
Easy, simple and straight-forward to check online.
What would be written on my Degree when I finish my program?
Is it going to be indicated on the degree that I graduated as an online student or
as a distance learning student?

Upon completion, you will receive a Degree and Transcripts together with a
Letter of Recommendation. Our Degree and Transcripts are the same as that of any campus-based university. "Online"or "Distance Learning" is not indicated on it.

How would I get my Degree documents when I finish since I will be running
the program from my Country? What method of presenting the Degree on
completion, is it by Online or Physical delivery or by Mailing?

IICSE University Degree and Transcripts will be sent via registered surface
airmail - DHL/UPS/FedEx, to all graduated students' contact addresses all over the
world, immediately after completion of the academic program.
How is the fee paid, and what is the possibility of installment payments? Your Application Processing Fee of 45 USD/Euro must be paid before you can begin
your studies. The Exams Processing Fee per exam can be paid installmentally as you
want - per course.

I graduated with a third class and I want to do my Postgraduate education? Applicants with "third class" can apply to Postgraduate program. We provide Equal
Opportunity Education and we do not discriminate.
TOP Is the course suitable for students from my country? Please confirm with the government and local authorities in your country for directives
before you apply on a program of study with us.
Is the program completed online with study materials?
Yes, we are an Internet-based university. All of our academic programs are
completed online. You will be provided with the relevant study materials.
Is it tuition-free without hidden fees or how much in total will I pay? IICSE University does not charge students for studying an academic program. New
students are expected to pay a one-time Application fee of 45 USD/Euro. Applicants
who are admitted and become students are expected to pay the Course fee to cover
the cost of our University administrative work.
No additional charge. No school fee throughout the period of your study.

Are the Exams in multiple-choice questions or theories?
All of our students from all around the world write their exams online. You will receive Exams login details to log into the Exams portal online. Exams are written at a convenient time of an individual. The Exams Time Duration is 90 Minutes per Exams paper. Each exam is made up of ten questions, 10 marks each. There is no required certain number of words for the essays. All exams are test exams. It is easy and simple to answer each of the exam questions. We guarantee the success of our students. Click on the link below to learn about how GPAs are being calculated: http://www.iicseuniversity.org/grading_system.html

Upon completion of your studies, you will receive a Degree and Academic Transcripts together with a Letter of Recommendation. Graduated students can progress to further their studies on higher education at any acceptable university around the world, or basically for career development.

When is the next academic year starting?
Registration into the current academic program is in progress. Next year academic
calendar not yet decided. You will be notified online.
Is there a particular time one will have to come over to your school?
No. IICSE is an online-based University. We provide online-based academic programs. You do NOT need to travel out of your location.
When is the deadline for submission of applications and when is the
academic year commencing?

The deadline for applications will be announced soon. You are advised to enroll on the
program anytime from now as registration for the current academic session is in
progress. You are expected to write a date you wish to start your studies on your Application Form.

What is the method of defending Thesis/Project and how will I be
supervised during my Thesis/Project?

You are expected to send one or two project topics for Supervisor's approval.
All Thesis/Project activities are strictly handled by a Supervisor assigned to each
How would students write their exams? How long does it take to write an
Exam? How does your University administer examinations and evaluate students?

All our students from all around the world write their exams online. You will receive
Exams login details to log into the Exams portal online. It's easy and simple to login.
Exams are written at a convenient time of an individual. Exams Time Duration is 90 Minutes per Exams paper. All students' academic performances are assessed by the Head of Student Advisory Office. Click on the link below to learn about how GPAs are being calculated: http://www.iicseuniversity.org/grading_system.html

How long do we have to wait before getting our Degree and Transcript
from IICSE and how do we get them?

Graduated students will receive a Degree and Transcripts via registered surface
airmail immediately after completion of their final year Thesis/Project work.
How do I receive study materials for my personal studies?
Simply log into our university portal to access the study materials. All our newly admitted students will receive Admission Letter together with a Username and
Password to log into the University portal where they will have full access to the
study materials online.
How would I get the materials to use for the study or would it be given
to me for free, sold or I would have to source for it myself?

Study materials are provided to all our students free of charge.

How would I submit the Application Form I downloaded from your site?
Simply complete the Form and email it as an attachment to:
How many courses can I transfer over to your university at the maximum?
We are unable to accept the transfer of credit at the moment. All our courses are core courses and are required. However, applicants who have studied in another university previously will be allowed to complete the program within a short period of time.
How many supervisors may supervise my Project/Dissertation/Thesis?
At least one (Main) and/or a co-supervisor
Can I defer my study after admission?
Yes, you can defer your study after you've been admitted to a program, 'til you
are ready to continue your studies.

 Is it necessary to me to pay two admission fees in order to enroll into two
programs or I must pay two admission fees to get one login?

Yes. We accept multiple applications to run more than one program at a time. Go ahead
and enroll in more than one academic program, using separate Application Form for
each of the programs. Each Application attracts the Processing Fee of 45 USD/Euro.  Separate “Login ID” and “Password” is given to each of the programs.

If I register on Nursing, Computer Science/Engineering, et cetera, how can I deal with practical aspect?
As part of our requirements, students enrolling on any of the practical-based programs are expected to undergo "Industrial Work Experience Learning Scheme" with organizations or learning institutions in their various localities. For instance, if you are enrolling on Nursing, then you'd be required to do Industrial Work Experience Learning Scheme (IWELS) with health centers, hospitals or clinics.

If you are enrolling on Computer Science/Engineering, then you will be required to do IWELS with Computer Schools or ICT Institutes, et cetera. IICSE Official "Letter of Introduction" will be issued to students on practical-based programs to enable the students to apply to organizations or learning institutions, the letter is issued on request.

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