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Diploma Programs

Below are the Diploma programs you can apply for. Applying for the study is easy and simple! You can choose to start your course now, as registration for the new academic session is currently in progress.

      Diploma Programs:
    Diploma in International Relations
    Diploma in Sociology
    Diploma in Theology

    Diploma in Accounting
    Diploma in Applied Statistics
    Diploma in Banking and Finance
    Diploma in Business Administration & Management
    Diploma in Computer Engineering
    Diploma in Computer Science
    Diploma in Economics
    Diploma in Education
    Diploma in Electronic Physics
    Diploma in Engineering Management Technology
    Diploma in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering
    Diploma in Information Technology
    Diploma in Law
    Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Diploma in Marketing
    Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism
    Diploma in Nursing
    Diploma in Psychology
    Diploma in Public Administration

      Duration: Nine (9) months                Requirement: High School Certificate

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